Petrotech Manpower development unit provides best in class training and competency services to its clients, which covers but not limited to the following:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Design and delivery of both risk based and task-driven training courses
  • Design and launch of WBT based on demand

Furthermore, we deliver off the shelf technical training courses listed below to clients around the world:

NORM 4 - Hour Worker & Awareness Course

This course meets Procedural and regulatory requirements associated with personnel working with radioactive materials, or granted access to areas where these materials are stored or utilized. It provides essential knowledge that workers need to understand the risk associated with working with NORM and the measures they need to take to deliver their responsibilities safely.

NORM 8 - Hour Surveyor Course

This course provides the student with the fundamental knowledge required to safely perform NORM surveys. The course meets the various State and Federal instruction requirements for employees certified to work with radioactive materials and to conduct surveying for radioactive materials. The course covers all topics covered in the NORM Worker and Awareness Course. Petrotech – designed Textbooks, a practical session surveying for NORM and the use of survey instruments are included

NORM 48 - Hour Supervisor Course

This is a 48-hour course designed for supervisors of personnel working with materials with potential for NORM contaminated or frequenting areas where NORM contaminated items are stored. The course covers an extensive NORM surveying practical session and a written examination. Candidates who attend and successfully complete the course will be certified as NORM Surveyor and Supervisor

NORM 40 - Hour Radiation Safety Officer

This 40-hour course is designed to provide personnel the detailed knowledge and practical understanding of how to implement and manage NORM Radiation Protection Program. All topics covered in the NORM Worker, NORM Surveyor and NORM Supervisor course are included. The course covers all aspects of NORM Radiation Protection and NORM Waste Management Programs. NORM surveying practical session and a written examination will be taken at the end of the training, and only successful candidates would be certificated.

20 - Hour Radiation Safety Course

This course is designed to train employees (Radiation workers) working with sealed radioactive sources on the rudiments of sealed sources handling and on the control measures associated with keeping their dose exposures ALARA while working in areas with potential for radiation exposure. It’s a 12-modules training that runs for 2 days. The course also includes some intense practical hands-on assessments and certification exams.

40 - Hour Advanced Radiation Safety Course

This 40-hour course is tailored to train and certify Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPS) on administration of radiation safety program fundamentals for facilities where radioactive sources are stored and used, and where employees work in areas with potential for radiation exposure or incidents. The course also covers some intense practical hands-on sessions and certification exams.

48 - Hour HSE Leadership Course

HSE Leadership Course for Managers and Mid -Career employees, a 48-hour long training that focuses on teaching managers about different workplace safety culture, and techniques on how to apply fundamental leadership building blocks and skills in managing employee behaviors through reinforcement of positive safety behaviors and using negative feedback to unwanted or unacceptable behaviors

HSE Management System Certification Course

HSE Management System Certification Course focus on teaching employees the rudiments of the 12 elements of HSE MS

Control of Work Related Course

Control of Work Related Course is meant for all field and workshop employees. It focuses on teaching both practical and theoretical components courses such as permit to work, Log out/ Tag out, confined Space etc.

Fire Protection Training Course

Fire Protection Training focus on different types of fire and associated firefighting tools, and measures to deploy to manage, contain and extinguish different types of fire

Risk Management Training Course

Risk Management Course focus on different workplace risk profile, and how to quantify their severity using industry standard risk matrix. It also focuses on different hazard risk assessment techniques and ways to mitigate, prevent and eliminate certain risk profiles. The course also addresses ways to conduct HAZID, HAZAN and HAZOP