Environmental Engineering

Petrotech provides a wide range of Environmental Engineering Services which includes but not limited to the following:

  • Environmental Due Diligence & Risk Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment & Risk Analysis
  • Conducting Baseline Environmental studies, Impact Assessment and Pollution Mitigation services for Infrastructural and Oil and Gas projects
  • Technical Certification Preparation and Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Integrated Pollution Surveillance
  • Remediation
  • Environmental Management System (EMS) development
  • Regulatory and Vulnerability Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Management Research and Advisory Services
  • Waste Assessment, Audits, Analysis, Characterization, Minimization, Disposal, and Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management, Recycling, Incineration, Hydrolysis & Materials Handling
  • Waste Audits, Discharges, Emissions and Effluent Treatment Management
  • Energy Audits, Utilizations, Conservation, Monitoring and Performance Tracking, Awareness Training

Asbestos Management

We specialize in the control, containment, and safe removal of friable and non-friable asbestos. In addition, regulated, building materials, such as lead-based paints and coatings, regulated gypsum products, and mold are also handled by this service segment. The handling, containment and removal asbestos, and other toxic building materials, are an international problem that demands the highest standards of operational and procedural control.

Our asbestos-management equipment includes:

  • Powered Smoke Generators
  • Negative Pressure Units (NPUs)
  • Power Assisted Respirators
  • Hazardous Dust Vacuum Cleaners (Type H)
  • Wet Strip Injection Systems
  • Friable and non-friable asbestos containing material removal

Waste Management

Petrotech takes pride in our collaborative approach. Our team works closely with clients in an effort to resolve issues quickly, and provide customized solutions as waste management needs evolve

  • Waste characterization, sampling, analysis, and profiling
  • Waste consolidation
  • Drill Cuttings Treatment and disposal
  • Hazardous-waste recycling and disposal
  • Waste transportation and disposal
  • Household Hazardous Waste Management
  • Recycling and reuse
  • Onsite waste collection and packaging
  • Drum, bulk liquid and solid transportation
  • Incineration


Our Noise Measurement Services provides acoustical consultancy services in the assessment, management and control of environmental and workplace noise. We tailor our report to cover sound level measurements recorded and analyzed, discussion of the noise threshold to be achieved, identification of noise mitigation measures and recommendation of options to achieve the required design criteria. Noise management plans can also be developed for industrial activities where different levels of compliance may be required over time. It’s worth mentioning here that our Noise monitoring, modeling and assessment are key parts of every report we tailor to illustrate immediate and long-term effects of noise on the development. Petrotech experts are fully trained to gather relevant information about the site, the effect of noise on the development and how the development may affect those residing in the same community.